How Hotels Are Changing

There’s been a worldwide change, and it is a radical one. In this article, we are showing precisely how hoteliers can respond to the trends happening within the luxury travel zone and why catering to these new types of travelers is crucial.

Check-in: Personalised treatment generally starts at birth

A customer service adviser for several high-end hotel brands has said that a conventional front-desk check feels dull and slow for a number of today’s hotel guests. This revelation has generated lots of luxury manufacturers to rethink their approval strategy.

Few big name hotels have started getting creative with their check-in lobbies and have opted to eliminate the traditional check-in counter completely. The receptionists are actively seeking to greet folks, using an iPad in their hands. This actually speeds up the check-in procedure and provide hotel receptionist the chance to instill a sense of personalized interaction within the first couple of minutes of their guests’ arrival. Additionally, this type of personalized interaction enables them to learn about any particular wishes and demands a guest might have.


An improved check-in strategy is simply the start. Luxury hotels all around Tasmania are looking to distinguish themselves from rivals, meaning the tiniest details now count to really make a difference. Most hotels now have teams exploring and analyzing choices for room amenities like toiletries and bedding for weeks.

Few hotel brands put a strong focus on comfy bedding while other put their focus on branded toiletries that are of higher quality. 

Other hotels offer guests a ‘cushion’ menu to guarantee they can enjoy the very best possible sleep. Another particular hotel goes as far as offering reflexology foot remedy for a turndown amenity, together with a good night card with written hints for relaxing.

Free Wi-Fi and high tech amenities are different characteristics that hotels are now anticipating to supply across their many branches. An iPad in every room, by way of instance, is becoming a staple as opposed to a novelty.

Branching out

Recognising that travelers tend to be on a search to find something special to write about, a few hotels are now seeking to take the deluxe travel experience far beyond the traditional.

A hotel has tried to take camping to a whole new level. Offering extravagant tented accommodation inside a jungle. This accommodation includes all sorts of things from luxury bathing amenities, housekeepings which comes to check in twice daily, Wi-Fi, down cushions and more — all wrapped up in class and style. The campsite also offers a free-form pool in addition to a fully equipped spa and guided trekking activities. In a slightly more conforming but equally different manner is a boutique hotel in Tasmania, Australia, which boasts a gallery of more than 500 contemporary art into its hotel walls.

The requirement for the new and odd has become so prominent that created a new online platform, Epic Accommodations, to appeal to these seasoned travelers searching for something different. The Chief Marketing Officer of has stated that people have different perceptions of what an ‘epic’ stay means. Sending the message that picking an unusual place to stay in does not mean that one has to compromise on the basic considerations.

Catering to today’s travelers is growing more and more complicated and requires far more dedication, adaptation, and research more than ever before. The world wide web and mobile access has made it considerably easier for travelers to form opinions, make decisions and online publications on-the-go.

It’s extremely important for hoteliers to be conscious that people anticipate customized experiences and high-standard lodging and amenities, paired with excellent hospitality. In the case that your hotel brand fails to provide the finest possible experience to your visitors, their views will almost certainly reside online forever and can harm your standing significantly.

However, the world wide web isn’t all bad news. By employing the services of a good channel manager, not only are you able to remain in contact with your guests, but you might even compete with your opponents concerning deals and offers. In the end, this will expand your reach and cause luxury to be more affordable and achievable for all your visitors however sophisticated they might be.