dermal filler before holiday

The best beauty treatments before your holiday

Yes, there is such a thing as the pre-holiday panic. Time to wrap up the loose ends at work and try to pack your stuff while running around at the shops for those few things you forgot to buy at the store. Don’t let the stress of the days leading up to your holiday ruin the excitement. Let your hair down and get some pampering done before you head off. Get yourself wrapped up in the relaxation of getting your hair done, nails, and even picking out some new bathers for the beach. Get your friends together, get yourself pampered and let the excitement begin. Who said the holiday excitement has to start once you have left? Start it early and get into the mood to make your holiday that extra bit more memorable. 

For the beauty nerds out there, they will agree that the most fun of a holiday comes from getting ready. Treating yourself to beauty treatments like dermal fillers, gel pedicures and spray tans. 

Now the important thing here is to ensure that you don’t go getting your beauty treatment in the wrong order. Don’t go getting a spray tan before a wax; otherwise, your tan will look like a stripy tiger. Or for the super prepared travellers out there, you may have even organised significant procedures like liposuction or set weightloss goals months in advance in order to have bikini body confidence. For those of us less organised and looking for some last minute preparations, read below for our tips!

Here we have the lowdown to ensure you know the best treatments and when to do them.

Getting your hair coloured a week before

Time to get your hair coloured before your trip! Make sure that you dye your hair well before going on your trip to allow time for it to settle. One week before you go away is best, especially if you are playing to go swimming. When your hair has been dyed the colour will oxidise which then the cuticle is open, so you need to allow a few days for the cuticle to close and settle. The first few days after colouring makes your hair more susceptible to fading, so you want to avoid sitting in the sun also.


Getting brows and lashes tinted  

Make sure you get a patch test done before you try out any new dye treatment. This will ensure that you don’t have a nasty reaction. If you’re in the clear and ready to go, book into a lash and brow tinting beauty salon a few days before you leave. You need to allow the excess dye from your tint to fade a little and let the colour around your brows to settle.

The tan

If you go and get a new spray tan done and then go and get a wax job done you are going to pull your wax job right off. Ensure you get a wax done before you get the tan done. You should wait at least 24 hours beforehand to avoid the spray tan messing with your post-wax skin pores, causing itchy and red skin.

Get your pedi as close to departure time as you can

Just got a pedi? Time to make the most of it and have it done right before you go. Thanks to the hydrating and nourishing creams that the expert’s use means your feet are looking perfect, better than ever. Keep them looking fresh on your holiday by doing them at the last minute.