Taste the Italian Alps

Kishore Iyengar

Situated right under Europe’s greatest peak, Monte Bianco or Mont Blanc, image best Courmayeur is a dream alpine destination drawing in visitors throughout the year.

In summertime, it is a sanctuary for mountaineers, trekkers, bicycle riders and biologists, who come here to check out the huge reaches of the alpine forests and kayakers and white water rafting lovers handling the snow-fed water bodies. And in winter season, it turns a snow-blanketed wonderland for skiers, snowboarders and cliffhanger daredevils.

This fairly unidentified getaway in the Italian Alps appeals with its charming and cosy Alpine timbervillas and chalet landmarks like Auberge de La Maison and Au Coeur des Neiges, pastures and snow-capped peaks. The locals in this area speak in a dialect called Patois– a Francoprovencal language blend of French and Italian.

Food trail

Valdostan cuisine is a distinct gastronomic attraction in Courmayeur and the attractive Valle D’Aosta. One can enjoy specialties like their fabled mellow yellow– tinged fontina cheese, partially prepared and made with cow’s milk, warming soups, polenta, black bread, gnocchi, rice and potatoes, risotto, cheeses and salami.

Specifically yours

Courmayeur is indeed a gourmand’s sanctuary with dishes you will not find in other regions of Italy. There is a type of Risotto which is local to the area called alla Valdostana, made from fontina, tomatos, Parmigiano Reggiano cheeses and rice. Carbonade is a beef stew made with salt-preserved beef, onions, red wine and served with polenta. Seupa de Gri, a regional Valdostan (from this Valle D’Aosta region) barley soup made with seasonal vegetables, potatoes, experienced with onions and salt pork, is another need to attempt!

Polentas is popular in Courmayeur. Polenta alla Rascard is corn meal mush chilled, sliced and layered with a thick beef and sausage ragout with fontina cheese. Capriolo alla Valdostana– venison and veggies stewed in an herb-flavoured cream and grappa sauce is another ingredient used in European delicacies.

Do try Employers de Jambon, herb spiced ham, Lardo di Arnad (bacon) and dried meat Motzetta, which is made from beef, sheep or goat muscle. One can’t miss the desserts– apple pie, chestnut honey, Mont Blanc ice cream and fresh blueberry pie.

Combine it well

Courmayeur’s Valdostan fresh food choices are a tribute to the bounty of the alpine environment and the best it has to provide. Complementing the different impressive meals of the area are its store gewurztraminers. Cavern Mont Blanc de Morgexet de La Salle produce the premium Prie Blanc whites that match with polenta and risotto. The shimmering Spumante 1187 and Blanc du Blanc together with La Piagne pair well with Pasticcio di Penne alla Valdostana, baked penne in Valle d’Aosta design, and Gnocchi di Patate alla Bavam, which is a type of gnocchi that contains the fontina cheese. Midway at the Pavillon du Mont Frety, the cable car station as much as Mont Blanc, you can quaff the great shimmering Cavern Mont Blanc gewurztraminers with delicious cheeses or crisp torcetti (a local snack) at their tasting lounge as a celebration of your check out to this greatest top’s grandeur. With an alpine quest topped with such exceptional wonders, the check out to the charming Courmayeur makes the experience memorable.